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Ninapenda Nairobi

September 8, 2011

Hello again!

It’s about time I updated everyone on my amazing homestay family! Last Friday, after orientation ended, we got our elusive homestay parent’s names. On Saturday afternoon I moved to a neighborhood called Woodley with Mama Jamila and her three daughters Salma (9), Imani (4), and Nuru (9 months). They are by far the best part of the homestay so far and while they do distract me from my endless amounts of Swahili homework, it’s worth it. Here is a picture of them in my bedroom! The older girls speak both English and Swahili so it is really helpful having them around to strengthen my language skills. Most of the time they make fun of me but it’s too cute to be frustrated by.

Contrary to what most people may think about Kenya, most of the housing compounds we live in involve houses made with cement walls and floors in areas outside of the bigger city atmosphere. My house has 6 people living in it (my mom, the girls, our house help, and myself) and only two bedrooms so I am sharing with Salma and Rosie, our house help.

Here is my house and my side of the bedroom! We even have a nice sized backyard that you cant see in this picture.

Something else that is pretty common are bucket showers. My house has running water but not a water heater or shower head so I have become a master at bucket showering. My mom boils the water for me and then I mix it with regular tap water to cool it off. Juggling two buckets was a chore at first but I’m definitely a pro now.

Kenyan food is definitely not my favorite kind of cuisine but I will post more about that later! We just finished our morning Swahili class (we have class everyday from 8:30-12) and instead of an afternoon lecture we are visiting AMREF headquarters which should be a cool place to see. My Swahili is shaping up! I’m shocked at how much I know after just 4 days of lessons 🙂

Kwaheri rafiki!

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