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My Summer

August 7, 2011

As my summer internship comes to a close, I decided to post a little bit about what I have done this summer and what an amazing time I’ve had. Yesterday was the Global Autism Project‘s 7th Annual Paddle for Autism Awareness at Louis Valentino Park in Red Hook, Brooklyn. As an intern with the organization, the Paddle was my summer project. Honestly, I was kind of upset when I was assigned the Paddle upon my arrival at the internship. After helping to plan Relay for Life at Tufts, I didn’t want to turn into an event planner rather than an intern working to create a sustainable treatment option for individuals with autism worldwide. Luckily this wasn’t the case and I got the best of both worlds. Given that I am going to Kenya in exactly three weeks from yesterday (YAY!), I got to Skype and even meet Pooja, our program partner from Kenya, which will be an amazing resource when I actually get there and need to start my independent study.

Anyway, the Paddle yesterday was wildly successful and went more smoothly than I could have ever imagined. I am not sure on the exact numbers yet, but we had a huge amount of both children and adults with autism and their families join us in the park to raise funds for both our organization that works internationally and local organizations that work to improve services in New York City. I couldn’t be any happier with my summer than I am right now and I owe that to the 4 other amazing interns I met at the project and the wonderful leadership at the organization that has given me so much guidance in these past 15 weeks.

I have ordered the last of my needed supplies for Kenya and am actually feeling very ready to get going at this point in my summer. After a summer full of routines and full work weeks in an office,  I am very looking forward to this international adventure. My program sent out an e-mail with my itinerary and I can already tell that there will be a lot of surprises and room for exploration in my 105 days abroad. All I really know is the day I need to get there, the week that I get to travel to Tanzania and Uganda, and that my independent study will be conducted in the month of November. I have also convinced myself that I will only be bringing a hiking backpack and a daypack for my whole semester. For those of you that know me well, you know that this makes me pretty nervous. But I am making my best effort to roll with the punches and gear up for what I know will be an incredible semester.

To finish up my post, here are some pictures of the Paddle! I was lucky enough to have my cousin Harry and my aunt and uncle join me which was really great 🙂And here is the Global Autism Project team!

I would love to put up some of the other amazing photos from yesterday but they are not pictures I have permission to post 😦 BUT I am sure some of them will eventually go up on our website. Keep up with the Global Autism Project, they are working on some amazing things.

I didn’t quite keep my promise to post once a week but I got pretty close! Now that I’m almost done with work I should be posting more often.

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