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July 29, 2011

So it probably makes sense to begin my first real blog by introducing myself! My name is Ariana and I am a rising junior at Tufts University double majoring in Biology and Community Health. I grew up on Long Island but have spent the past two years living in both Boston (for school) and Brooklyn (this past summer). I will start off by saying that I am not much of a writer but I decided to begin this blog to document my upcoming semester as best as I can. I will be spending the next three or so months in Kenya studying health and community development. I am not sure what I will find in Kenya, but I am going to try and keep this as detailed and up to date as possible. I am also completely open to a new title for my blog (mostly because right now I don’t have one) so feel free to comment with some suggestions. I would love it to have something to do with elephants 🙂

I never really understood the purpose of blogging until now. Why would someone want to read what I was writing and spend time learning about all of the mundane and ordinary things I do as a college student? I was only convinced to make a blog when I realized how limited my communication will be and saw how eager I was to keep up with travel blogs of my friends and classmates. Watching others do some amazing things while abroad was inspiring and I hope that my blog can show a bit of that too and at the very least document what I hope will be my most exciting semester yet.

To give some substance to my first blog post, I’ll talk about my summer internship a bit! I have spent the past 2 months interning at a non-profit called the Global Autism Project. The main mission of the organization is to increase international awareness and availability of treatment and education for children with autism in countries without the resources currently available. The project currently has centers in India, Kenya, and Ghana and is working on expansions. In the beginning of the internship I felt like an event planner (something I am really used to given my involvement since high school in Relay for Life) but after our Gala event last night when I met one of our partners from Kenya, it all felt much more real. I will hopefully be spending some time in the school we work with in Kenya and I can work with the children and see the fruits of all of our labor. I do know that the project is making a difference and given the small size of the organization I know that my work this summer has made an impact.

My 6am wake up call comes around fast so I am going to stop writing for now but I hope I will stick with this and really keep it going. I’m going to make my goal posting at least once a week so we’ll see!

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